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Hair removal brought to pluck perfection


We’ll help you discover your personal wax appeal – and make your body emerge as sensational as it was meant to be! WAX IN THE CITY studios are the IT place for professional warm wax hair removal. As an international chain of waxing studios, we not only pioneered the concept in Germany and Europe, but as premium service providers are now one of the undisputed market leaders in the segment. What we offer is as unfussy as it is unique:  Walk-in+! Just come along whenever you like during the regular opening hours.  Or check-in online via our exclusive  Waxing APP Q for the next available time slot. With our APP you can check out at anytime how busy our studios are, which makes your studio visit as comfortable as possible. Naturally, hair removal by WAX IN THE CITY meets the highest standards in the industry – hands down. For our waxing treatments, we use e.g. only natural wax produced in Germany, and we offer a state-of-the-art Body Care line to maintain your skin at its best before and after hair removal. Our studios are staffed exclusively by depiladoras specially hand-picked and trained by WAX IN THE CITY: no wonder we are the unchallenged number-one WAXPERTS all around! To see (and feel) is to believe.




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We use a beeswax product made to the strictest standards in Germany exclusively for WAX IN THE CITY- made of purely natural ingredients which are as effective as they are gentle on your skin. For even more polished results, we are offering our signature premium-quality Body Care line which is available directly from your WAX IN THE CITY studio.


Our depiladoras are consummate professionals! All WAX IN THE CITY staff members are trained and qualified at our company-own training center in the tried and tested methodology developed by us. They use warm wax without waxing strips to remove unwanted hair right with the hair bulb. Thoroughly, hygienically safe, and virtually pain-free.


No appointment required: Visit us whenever you feel like it during our regular opening hours, without fuss, and without prior appointment. Or check-in online from wherever you are via our APP Q. With our unique APP you see all day long how busy our studios are and how long the current waiting list is right that second.


WAX IN THE CITY has become one of Europe’s leading waxing studio chains. As a service provider in the beauty market, we specialized in waxing right from the beginning. And we were among the pioneers made waxing grow into the megatrend it is today. We have already administered more than 5 million waxing treatments at our studios – for a level of waxpertise lightyears ahead of the competition!


Our waxing studios meet the highest standards in the industry – with aplomb. As a client of WAX IN THE CITY, you can safely rely on exemplary hygiene management in all studios. This is our promise and our guarantee – which we keep by ongoing quality inspections and intense staff coaching at every single WAX IN THE CITY studio.



Trust our friendly staff to make you feel pampered and in safe hands – for a deeply relaxing experience at the studio. They will help you quickly overcome inhibitions, so that when you leave, you will be your smoothest ever, and you will feel great about the whole experience.


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