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We have made waxing a trend in Germany and given it a face all over Europe with a powerful brand. We are now one of the world’s leading waxing studio chains and are proudly looking back at 13 years of market experience, millions of waxings, our successful WAX IN THE CITY studios, and happy clients in Germany and all over Europe who have discovered their wax appeal with us! In a nutshell: we hold the candle in all matters of ‘waxpertise’. Thanks to our solidly grown and internationally successful business concept, and our uncompromising claim to brand leadership, we have succeeded in positioning WAX IN THE CITY as a premium service provider and a top franchise brand in the beauty market. And we're always moving forward! Our latest innovation: As the first beauty company ever we have launched the company's own Q APP for online check-ins. Our genius Waxing APP Q offers clients the possibility to check-in online for their waxing needs from wherever they are. WAX IN THE CITY is the only brand worldwide to offer this fuss-free service! As a successful company, we also want to be a role model... and are showing our commitment to social responsibility with our own Charity Foundation.



All we do is waxing – and nothing else! We have consistently pursued our unique specialization in the beauty industry for more than 10 years now. And we are investing the unique expertise grown from our years of specialization in the constant improvement of the wax produced exclusively for WAX IN THE CITY, the in-house professional training of our depiladoras, and the research of new, eco-designed skincare products.

Progress through innovation

When we established our company in Berlin in 2005, we were pioneers in the waxing market. We made waxing popular, created a sense of awareness, and researched the best methods and products. Today, we are an international waxing studio chain with studios in more than 20 locations and are one of the undisputed market leaders. Through innovative inventions like the first online check-in for waxing studios we constantly prove that we are forward thinkers in this future market!


WAX IN THE CITY is a powerful franchise system:  our franchise partners get an innovative and internationally successful brand concept which has been on a course of steady growth for years. If you want to fulfill your dreams of having your own business with a WAX IN THE CITY studio, we will be there to support you as a powerful partner and top franchise brand in the beauty market!

you love beauty and want to run your own business?
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It's an exciting opportunity to get millions of people in Europe hooked on the sensational feeling they get from WAX IN THE CITY. And it’s a task for partners with a passion for business and an appetite for challenges. As a start-up enterprise, you will profit both from our successful business model and from our sound experience in starting and managing a business – right from the outset and every step along the way. Click here to find out more about your prospects as a franchisee...