Wow Brows

We are taking the Brow Experience to a whole new level: threading – the perfect way for WAX IN THE CITY clients to shape their Wow Brows. Started at our studio in Berlin Charlottenburg, our WAX IN THE CITY clients get to experience a new service which was gradually extended to other studios. Soon coming to a studio near you (link studio finder)!




We believe in offering the best services on the market. No compromises. We aim to be number one in state-of-the-art hair removal, using the best methods and the very best products. With our unique waxing technique, we will make this promise come true for your entire body. And we have discovered a particularly effective method to address the specific needs of your eyebrows. This method is about more than hair removal: in addition to ridding your brow area of unwanted hair and strays, this groundbreaking method allows us to shape your brow line to perfect precision. Threading is the number-one way to shape your eyebrows more gently and accurately than ever before. And this ingenious technique also comes in handy for removing even the tiniest hairs from your face.


Threading FAQs 

Threading on fleek...

•    After threading, minor reddening of the skin may appear which will usually fade by the next day.
•    It is OK to apply a light coating of powder to the treated areas to cover the redness.
•    It is OK to follow one’s usual make-up routine after threading.

Hair is removed along with the bulb, so a mild tweaking or tickling sensation may be felt. Hair regrowth will become increasingly fine, making the procedure easier to tolerate from one time to the next.

This method is suitable for all facial areas (except inside the nose), for instance: eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks, sideburns and forehead (below the hairline).

It takes 15 minutes maximum to have both eyebrows threaded.


•    Threading gives a more precise result than tweezing or waxing: even the thinnest, light-colored hairs are removed effortlessly.
•    Threading allows better eyebrow styling and shaping than wax.
•    The result lasts longer than if after tweezing, since hair is prone to breaking during traditional removal with a tweezer.

Threading newbies who wish to have their eyebrows fully remodeled should let their hair grow out for about two weeks. No waiting period is necessary in between treatments - just come back in whenever you feel bothered by the hair regrowth.

As with waxing we do not schedule appointments for threading. Just fit it into your day and drop by our studio! It’s not yet possible to log in for threading using our Q Waxing App. But, stay tuned as the feature becomes available soon.