All WAX IN THE CITY studios operate on a strictly walk-in, no appointments basis.
That means that you don’t have to contact us ahead of time to make an appointment. You go when it suits you (but not too close to closing time!). This system means that no-one can know how many clients will turn up or whether or not you can be served right away. Our studios therefore use specially developed software to calculate the wait so you can decide whether to stay or come back another time. You’re of course free to personally check in at a studio and then use the wait to run an errand or grab a cuppa. It’s on a first come, first served basis. This is the only way to make sure that the system works and that all clients are treated equally and fairly. In the vast majority of cases, our no appointments policy lets you decide to enjoy a waxing on the spur of the moment, without having to wait days or even weeks for an appointment which you may then have to postpone or no longer even need!

That depends on the hair removal method you’ve been using till now. It can last up to a month. Ultimately, however, your rate of hair growth is the determining factor.

When waxing is done right, hairs are removed down to their roots. The hair that grows back is usually finer and sparser, and over time the hair density declines in areas that are regularly treated with warm wax.

Light redness after waxing is a normal reaction of the skin, as the hair is removed down to the roots, which briefly widens the pores and follicles. The skin gets used to it with regular waxing. Besides that, our PURE wax guarantees skin-friendly waxing, also with sensitive skin.   

The wax doesn’t interact or penetrate the skin, so it is extremely tolerable.

Excess accumulation of dead flakes of skin can plug a hair follicle. Then the growing hair can’t penetrate the outer dermal layer and instead curls back or grows sideways into the skin. The best way to prevent ingrown hairs is to regularly get a body peel (exfoliation) and/or scrub yourself with a Luffa bath sponge. Exfoliation removes dead flakes of skin, opens plugged pores and stimulates circulation. You should also avoid excess use of lipid-containing body creams and lotions.

Wax in the City has collaborated with a Swiss cosmetics producer to develop a special gel which reduces ingrown hairs and prevents them from happening in the first place. You can find more information on this and other recommended body care products here. (in German only)

Of course they can. There are no practical problems at all. And when you’re pregnant, it’s especially important for you to feel good in and on your skin.

After many years of research and development we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wax that offers hair removal performance, sustainability and universal compatibility on unprecedented level.

PURE Premium Performance Wax is a low temperature wax with a particularly creamy, skin-friendly consistency. It is dermatologically tested, 100% vegan and skin-friendly and is guaranteed to have been developed without animal testing.

Besides that, the wax removes fine and short hair perfectly, ensuring an even smoother result.

Certainly you can. But it isn’t a good idea. Firstly because only regular waxing makes your body hair keep getting finer and sparser. And secondly because it’s just as nice and worthwhile to feel totally good in your silky-smooth skin in the wintertime. It could be in the sauna, while exercising, when wearing that sexy little black skirt at parties, while enjoying intimate moments with that special someone … or simply to feel more exhilaratingly alive, whether you’re alone or not.


For best waxing results, your hair should be at least 4 mm (1/8”) long but no longer than 2 cm (7/8”).

With our PURE wax not only is the application much more pleasant, but the removal too. 
In addition, we are proud of our WAXPERTS who have mastered their method perfectly

It’s definitely possible for you to get a waxing while wearing a piercing. It depends on your piercing and what kind of waxing you want. We therefore prefer to answer this question on an individual basis in the studio.

We provide most of our waxing services to clients from 12 years of age.  But Brazilian waxings are available only to clients 16 years and older. Special reduced prices are charged for this “teen waxing" in the participating studios: Teens aged 12 to 17 receive 20% discount on all waxings in these studios . Good to know: If you are a minor, please bring a signed declaration of consent from your parents or legal guardian for your first visit to WAX IN THE CITY.

The following levels apply: Teens aged 12 to 16 are allowed to do all waxings except Brazilian waxings when they submit the following consent form signed by a parent or guardian. The pre-printed forms are also available directly from the studio’s reception desk.

Underage Clients from 16 years and older need the following signed declaration of consent from their parents or legal guardian only for Brazilian waxings. All the other waxings can be done without a declaration of consent.

You will find detailed information about WAXING FOR TEENS here.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to wait if your skin is irritated, reddened or injured.

Yes, you can – but there’s not much point to it. The reason is that each hair passes through phases in which it grows faster or slower, and they aren’t synchronised. When some of them have already grown to a length of 2 mm (1/16”), others are still out of sight under the skin. The wax is unable to grab and remove those, so they start rearing their heads within days. To achieve long-lasting waxing results, as many hairs as possible should have already come through the skin. That moment is usually when they have an average length of 4 mm (1/8”).

Regular body peels remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. They also improve circulation in the skin. You can achieve very good results with a Luffa sponge or a special exfoliation product (available in every studio and in our online shop. Wait at least three days, then start with a light peel. To avoid damaging the natural acid mantle that protects your skin, however, we recommend that you not do it every day.


Brazilian waxing means using warm wax to professionally remove the hair from your intimate areas. At WAX IN THE CITY, women can choose from various shapes and styles:

    For the Brazilian Hollywood Cut, all hair is removed from your intimate areas.
    For the Brazilian Landing Strip, a narrow strip of pubic hair is left.
    For the Brazilian Triangle, a triangle of hair is left.
    For the Brazilian Special, your pubic hair is given a special shape (eg like a heart).

For men, we distinguish between the Brazilian Hollywood Man (with complete removal of all intimate hair) and the Brazilian Man (leaving part of the pubic hair).


It can. Our prices for Brazilian waxing for women include the front, back and everything in between. For men, hair removal between the buttocks is charged separately.

No, the bikini zone is not included in “full legs”.

You can’t buy feelings, but you can make a gift of them: From now on our popular gift vouchers are available in the form of handy gift cards. You can choose any amount you wish and easily order the waxing voucher online  or in the studio. You can redeem the voucher in each WAX IN THE CITY studio. Vouchers can be redeemed in the studios for waxing treatments or products from WAX IN THE CITY.  A partial redemption is possible. The voucher is also rechargeable if desired. General policy: Every WAX IN THE CITY studio will accept only gift vouchers made out in the currency of the respective studio. The card will lapse on expiry of the statutory period of limitation. If lost or stolen, the card will not be replaced. The card is anonymized and transferable. The card cannot be redeemed for cash.